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FREE 3-Part No Strings Attached CHALLENGE From The Authors Of The Wall Street Journal Bestselling Book, Master Your Mindpower

Find your passion, develop mental toughness, adopt bulletproof habits.


Video #1 - Concepts, lessons, and action steps to find “the switch” that will ignite your PASSION.


Video #2 - How to build a healthier, more RESILIENT MINDSET so that you can begin to live and integrate your personal and professional life with more confidence and ease


Video #3 - CREATE HABITS THAT STICK by adopting a morning routine that takes MINUTES, not HOURS!


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Whopping 83% of coaches rate mental toughness as the most important set of psychological characteristics for determining competitive  success.

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We're Stéphane & Shalee Schafeitel, and we help executives and entrepreneurs resolve mental and emotional barriers through a series of impactful coaching sessions that will maximize your clarity, mental toughness and success.

With over a decade of experience and thousands of clients, they are committed to helping individuals and businesses thrive through Mindpower Coaching and Mental Toughness Training.

We Challenge You to Achieve An Elite State of Mind


Having written the the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Master Your Mindpower, and being featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as authority figures in the mental toughness space alongside names like Michael Jordan and Tony Robbins, our mission is to redefine mental toughness by giving you actionable steps and implementation plans to harness your Mindpower and to live your best life.

That's why we created the Mindpower Challenge™, a free 3-part high performance training so that you can master the 3 pillars of Mindpower:

Pillar #1:

Your Foundation

Pillar #2:
Your Mental Toughness

Pillar #3:

Your Habits

With this new free challenge plus the unwavering support from the Stéph & Shay Dream Team empowering you with the ultimate success tool—mental toughness—they are here to guide you to become the phenomenal leader you’re looking to be!




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